Reese Vasquez

In Peace

Silence is a gift, or even a privilege 
One that is only granted to those who can afford it
Who can afford to sleep without interruption
Without a constant stream of thoughts screaming one after the other
Keeping the night as long as possible

Never having been able to afford it makes one wonder
And makes other things clearer
Like death, and its victims
Some attribute death to silence, and silence to peace
And the saying upon death is rest in peace isn't it?

Silence, just the word itself can be so palatable
Like the most expensive meal on the menu
The one no one actually orders, but watches, salivating, as it passes by the table
The closest thing you can get to silence is distraction
Which even then is not nearly as close as desired

Using a different noise to distract from one that has become too dominant
There is always noise
Even if there is only one person who can hear it believe it or not
I used to fear silence, I used to fear the noise stopping
And now, I can’t help but crave it 

About the Author: Reese Vasquez is a writer and student from Arizona who is currently pursuing a degree in the Arts. Her work consists of many different topics and styles, often drawing inspiration from other writers, peers, and personal experiences. Reese also creates art from a multitude of other mediums such as sculpture, drawing, painting, and textiles. Her work has been featured on and she is continuing to work and learn more about getting published and writing professionally.