Taneeshaa Pradhan

Hope Screams Amongst the Silenced

Expressing anger
is something
the millions of women before me
have been forced to

When you know this
why does it surprise you
that the women of today
scream their loudest?

Does it surprise you
that any of us would
thunderously roar
into megaphones
for the same rights you’ve always had

Does it surprise you
when we
march the streets we want
love who we want
wear what we want and
demand for what we want

Does it surprise you
that we will run for the same positions as you
(and eventually get them)
even though the world
refuses to throw their rocks
at the glass ceiling we’re under

Does it surprise you
that we no longer can be silenced
with a simple “Behave!”
or “Act like a lady”
because ladylike means
something else now

Does it surprise you
that we do not hesitate
to raise a fist
if you dare to
put a palm over our mouths

Our bodies
bore the weight
of unnecessary shame
Our hands
were tied behind us
to stop us
Our minds
were brainwashed
to control us
So why does all this uproar surprise you?

We carry
the anger
of centuries in us
and one spark
is enough
to light the fire
of justice
of freedom
of hope.

So, don’t be surprised.

About the author: Taneeshaa Pradhan is a 16 year old literature enthusiast. She currently resides in Dubai but is originally from Mumbai, India. One of her works titled ’The Picture' for the Poetic Heart, Dubai has been published on their website. ‘Hope Screams Amongst the Silenced’ describes anger by the women of this century towards a system built on values that they don’t agree with. Women are labelled ‘expressive’ in all terms except when it comes to anger, and this poem conveys the irony of it all.