Ruth Bristol

Maybe Millennials Aren’t Always Wrong but Maybe I’m Too Busy Looking at My Phone to Care

Avocado toast is my favorite food,
And screw anyone who shames me for that.

I like my eggs progressive and orange juice with feminist pulp.
Too often do I see moldy oranges from Alabama sell themselves to 14 year old girls at the supermarket,
They always seem to be in constant supply.

Lanes of people ringing up with their cards to call another “Murderer” before the floor    drops,
I can’t imagine the overdraw fees.
I’d much rather prefer to use cash though, so,
I’ll just buy my breakfast and go;

Lunch will come another day.

About the author: I'm a 17 year old at Bart Charter (in Adams, MA) and I write semi-personal work that is typically read aloud.