Ella Clendinning

Anchored Down

The world is like a never-ending ocean
and I am anchored down
People glide by, faces void of emotion
And I feel like I might drown

Pounding feet create waves of worry
That threatens to consume me
and I’m floating alone
in this everlasting sea

All my friends have gone
becoming distant dreams,
but I will put a smile on
and pretend I’m  not tearing at the seams

The world is like a never-ending ocean
with waves that cover me like a gown
It grows and grows, always in motion
but I am anchored down


About the author: Hello, my name is Ella Clendinning. I'm a 14-year-old student at Collegiate Academy in Hurst, Texas. My piece, "Anchored Down" is about struggling with depression and how it can feel like it goes on forever and like no one is there. You feel completely alone and helpless and just lost with nowhere to go and no way to get there.  As someone who struggled and continues to struggle with depression, I wanted to create something that reflects how overwhelming it can be and tells people that they are not alone.