Jamila Cooper


  1. Your beauty doesn’t need confirmation
  2. Your beauty doesn’t need validation
  3. Your beauty isn’t blind
  4. Dear deep chocolate girl,
  5. The color of your skin is not a curse
  6. Your wit can’t be reversed
  7. You wear a crown of curls like jewels on your head
  8. And your smile is the blessing they pray for before bed
  9. Dear deep chocolate girl,
  10. Life became a breeze
  11. When the thoughts of others eased,
  12. Off your shoulders
  13. Like a weight
  14. Of a thousand years,
  15. Finally being removed

About the author: My name is Jamila, I'm 17 years old and I am a California native. I was born and raised in the Bay Area and I have decided to pursue a degree in media studies when I enter university next year. I have one previous publication with an online journal titled "More than Just a Name" where I wrote about the Arabic meaning of my name. I am really excited to pursue a future career in writing and journalism!!