Eliza Goben

Natural Disaster; Me

I am as gentle as a thunderstorm
that cracks awake at midnight
with lightening flashing
with thunder crashing
and rain trickling in the open window.

I am as slow as a tornado
that rips through a sleepy town
with wind thrashing
with debris smashing
and glass breaking in the living room.

I am as small as a tsunami
that smashes trees in Thailand
with waters freezing
with people screaming
and waves washing out the palm trees.

I am as smooth as an Earthquake
that breaks out in daylight
with tables grumbling
with pavement crumbling
and earth shaking cities and towns.


About the author: My name is Eliza Goben, I am eighteen years old. I attend Northern Michigan University, where I study Behavior Analysis and Criminal Justice, as I pursue a career in forensic psychology. This is my first publication.