From the Editors

Stella Le

I cannot believe that another school year has passed, and we finished another issue, which is our wonderful Issue 8! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with this amazing team, and being able to read submissions from our amazing contributors from around the world. Throughout this year, it has been wonderful to read poems, prose from different points of view, and different cultures, and admire art pieces. I enjoy every single meeting that we have this year, especially our coffee meeting. Thank you to my co-editors that I learnt so much from and my biggest supporter Ms. PT. 

Ivy Kay

This has been such an amazing year for Girls Right the World and I can’t believe how fast this year has gone! Issue 8 is completed and it looks absolutely amazing! I have had such an amazing experience being an editor for this magazine and I really enjoyed the moments with my fellow editors. Having the opportunity to read and analyze submissions from talented, thoughtful and amazing people from around the world is not only exciting, but it allows me to grow as a writer and expand my writing. To everyone who submitted something, thank you. You’re amazing and keep writing, it’ll take you far. Thank you to all my fellow editors and especially our faculty support Ms.Pt for a productive and exciting experience. I wish the best of luck to next year's editors and I can’t wait to see issue 9 and what it holds!

Naomi Hopkins

This was my first year doing Girls Right the World, and I enjoyed every second of it. Every week, I was amazed by the talent and creativity from our submissions. I am proud to publish every piece in this issue, and I know that it has something for everyone! Thank you so much to my fellow editors Emily, Ivy, Stella, and Margot for supporting me and this project every day, and the biggest of thank yous to Ms. PT who advises us with her joy and strength. 

Margot Dionne

This year has been such a privilege. Being an editor for this literary magazine has shown me the importance of writing and connection. Your submissions made me laugh, cry and wonder. Keep writing, the world needs more people like you.

Emilie Coziol-Desy

I cannot believe we are already publishing issue 8 of Girl Right The Word! I am so proud of the work we are issuing, there are so many talented and creative writers all over the world. Being an editor on this project has helped me become a better writer, analyzer, and reader, and I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity.  Working with this year’s team has been so much fun and time really flew by. I want to thank Miss Pulfer-Terino, our amazing advisor for supporting us in this amazing initiative. Once again, I feel really good about this issue and I can’t wait for you all to dive in and enjoy yourself!

Emily Pulfer-Terino

Congratulations to the incredible editors and contributors! You are deeply inspiring!