From The Editors – Issue 6

Yolanda Zhang

I’ve been so grateful to work as an editor at Girls Right The World this year with this wonderful team. Our journal has been a platform that is dedicated to supporting young female-identified writers and artists, and while reviewing all these amazing submissions this year, I’ve literally been able to resonate with these stories and empathize with their feelings. Through the lens of our contributors, I’m also encouraged and inspired by their joy, passions, struggles, or worries presented in the work, which truly show the world their voices. This experience has as well kept pushing me, as an editor and a writer, to understand writings and arts from an entirely different perspective while appreciating and supporting more work girls can produce. I’m truly looking forward to the next year to come! 

Alice Ho

Time flies so fast that we, the Issue 6 team, have completed our "mission". Returning from the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Girls Right the World has given me more than just learning but gentle happiness. It is my pleasure to read, discuss, and understand "girls" (she/them) from around the world through their submissions. They are healing me too. A big thanks to my teammates Yolanda, Rebeccas, Ms.P.T., and all of you who submitted the art.

Rebecca Dontje

We did it! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be an editor for issue six of this journal. I have enjoyed reading the submissions we received. Throughout this experience, I have been exposed to many rich and diverse pieces of writing, art, and music. I feel as though I know a special part of each person whose work is celebrated in this issue. It has been rewarding to help spread the voices of so many young girls. I have been inspired by every one of them!

Emily Pulfer-Terino, (faculty support/founder)

We welcome you to issue six with gratitude and enthusiasm, and we hope you admire this stellar work as much as we do! Congratulations and praise to our wonderful contributors and to the amazing Issue 6 editorial dream team!