From The Editors – Issue 5


Executive Student Editors

Hazel Grallert
This year has been so much fun, a totally different experience to last year. It’s been strange and exciting in so many new ways. It’s been amazing working with the group and being able to go through so many awesome submissions. This has been a true highlight of senior year.

Jiho Shin
First and foremost, hurray! We made the remarkable fifth annual launch! Thank you, contributors, for your valuable philosophical and artistic contributions to our ever-growing journal. We're very impressed and inspired by the introspective and outward-looking insights you're bringing to this global community of young, female-identifying thinkers, creators, and activists. And dear fellow editors, we have not only persevered in our mission to provide a platform for diverse voices, but truly connected with one another through meaningful conversations. I'm forever grateful for you. 

Paige Wright
I am so grateful to have been able to work on GRTW for a second year. It has been so different but equally as exciting and enriching. I love hearing the stories of girls all around the world. These stories hold so much power so keep writing, keep reading, keep sharing. 

Issue Five Editors

Sundara Hesse
Hi, my name is Sundara and I am one of the editors for Girls Right The World. It has been a truly amazing experience for me. I have loved reading everyone’s submissions and exploring other’s cultures through the lens of literature and art. One of my favorite pieces is Mirror, written by Isabelle Lee. She explores body image through prose poetry. This is a relatable and important subject to so many girls and women today and Isabelle does a beautiful job portraying this.  

Olivia Kick-Nalepa
Being able to work on this issue of Girls Right the World has broadened my world view by giving me the opportunity to hear from such a wide range of perspectives. It was so grounding to be able to get together every week and connect with my fellow editors and engage with the work of such amazing artists and writers. It has been such an honor to hear all of these women’s voices and be able to share them with the world!

Ruby McDonald
Hello, my name is Ruby and I am one of the editors on Girls Right the World. Working with this team has been an amazing experience for me, allowing me to connect with women from around the world through their artistic work and words. I really appreciate my time spent working on this volume, and can't wait to share all the amazing work we have had the opportunity to see over the past months.

Hava Methe
While working on this issue of Girls Right the World I began to appreciate the various art forms that can express people in different ways. With being in a pandemic, these forms of art can be comforting and some can find stability in the artwork. Being able to connect with other young women around the world can be a beautiful thing, because you may think you have nothing in common with a young woman from across the world but you may be more similar than alike. Finding these similarities in various ways, makes me appreciate Girls Right the World more and more each meeting. 

Kathleen Nguyen
To me, my work at Girls Right The World has become something beyond itself: it is a safe, inclusive space for me to learn more about cultures around the world, to observe young writers and artists' process of self-expression through their works, and connect to all of their wonderful stories. And most importantly, it is incredibly heart-warming to know that somewhere in the world, there is a young girl who feels inspired and supported by our work. Knowing that I could take part in creating a platform for female voices and perspectives through Girls Right The World, I am encouraged to keep building, expanding, and completing the core mission of our journal - uplifting and amplifying female voices - in my future projects and also everyday life. 

Phuong Tran
Working at Girls Right The World this year has been an incredible experience for me. I cherish the time we have together, reading such creative and powerful submissions from young female writers around the world. It is a pleasure to work with everyone in a safe and inclusive environment, where everyone's voices are heard. This experience has taught me so much more than I could ever imagine and motivated me to continue working and empowering others. 

Emily Pulfer-Terino, (faculty founder and support)
Congratulations to this incredible editorial team and to all of the phenomenal Issue Five contributors. Your work is important, profound, and transformational!