From The Editors

Muhiim Ali:
I chose to be part of the Girls Right The World, because of its mission and what it stands for. Not only does it advocate for young female-identified writers and artists, but it also promotes diversity of culture and expression. Personally, this is really important to me. I grew up in a house full of boys. As girls, in my native country of Somaliland, we were expected to be quiet. Our ideas didn’t matter at all. But I wasn’t one to be quiet. Even at a very young age, I understood the power and the importance of using my voice. I am grateful that I got the opportunity to work with this dream team, Paige, Jiho, Ms.PT, and Hazel, to create a platform for all girls to use their voice and share their stories with the world. Their stories are rich with beauty, diversity and talent. I hope these stories break boundaries and bring us together. I hope they bring joy to you wherever you are. And most importantly, I hope they inspire other girls to also use their voice and share their stories with the world.

Hazel Grallert:
Work on G.R.T.W. with these amazing co-editors and P.T. has been awesome and one of, if not the highlight of my year. No matter what I was feeling I always looked forward to Thursday when we'd be able to work together. I am so excited for the amazing work that is being published in Issue 4 and can't wait to share it with the world.

Jiho Shin:
My gratitude goes to everyone who submitted brilliant, inspiring work to our journal, who have been on a lookout for the launch of Issue 4, who have expressed appreciation of our collaborative effort to provide a platform on which young, talented female-identifying writers and artists share their authentic voices, who are about to discover and explore our website, and our mighty team of five.

I love writing as a medium for self-expression and an entryway to new and old realities. Reviewing written work created by peer writers from across the globe feels like a great prestige. I have enjoyed every meeting we have had as a team, as it is during this time that our strong, supportive chemistry and shared passions drive marvelous conversations around the outstanding poetry, prose, and visual art sent in by our diverse community of applicants. Not only have I been touched by their eloquent writing styles, outstanding word choices, and meticulous pen or brush strokes, but by their piercing condemnation of burdensome societal expectations, racial or ethnic stereotypes, and androcentric beliefs that oppress women. On top of all that, there are messages of hope and demand for equity, peace, and love in our world.

I wish that our publication of Issue 4 can uplift the moods of our new and returning audiences online and mepower more young minds so that they too believe in the power of sharing their voices and stories.

Paige Wright:
Working on Girls Right the World has been such an enriching experience. Reading about different ways of life, different cultures, and different experiences all from young women has made me feel so proud to be who I am. I am so impressed with all that has been submitted and I am so glad that I could help lift the voices of some of these incredibly talented young women. I know that they will make waves and we can all make a difference. Working with this team has really changed my life and I am so thankful for them. A special thank you to Ms. P.T. for bringing us all together.

Emily Pulfer-Terino:
I am very excited to share Issue 4 of Girls Right the World with you! This has been a particularly rewarding challenging issue to work on in that, for several months now, we have been meeting frequently in person to work through innumerable incredible submissions. More recently, though, we’ve wrapped up and are launching this issue remotely, in the midst of a global pandemic. It’s my honor to celebrate the work of this persevering editorial dream team! Moreover, I am thrilled and grateful to share and celebrate wonderful work from our contributors worldwide!