From The Editors – Issue 3

I've very much enjoyed working on this issue of Girls Right the World with the three other editors and Ms. Pulfer-Terino. All the works within this issue are so special and wonderful, and I am honored we get to publish them in our magazine. This has been a lovely experience, and I hope you enjoy reading Issue 3 of Girls Right The World!

Evelyn Stewart

I am really happy to be a member of this wonderful editorial team and create another awesome issue together! This experience enriched my knowledge in not only being an editor but also teamwork skills. A special thank you note to Ms P.T. for always highlighting our Thursday meetings with great energy and well-structured plan for the day! We are an amazing team!

Maggie Zhang

I've had an amazing time working with the editorial team this year. I am so excited about many of the works we've published in issue three. The experience of working on Girls Right the World has been immensely rewarding and has helped improve the way I look at writing and art.

Rea (Serena) Rice

I enjoyed looking at different types of art from girls around my age who are creating in light of the same current events but from all the different perspectives and settings. I like looking for ideas or elements in a piece that are not conventionally seen in art.

Matilda Tran

What an honor to work on this incredible issue with an amazing team! Maggie, Rea, Evelyn, and Matilda have continued to broaden the base of readers and contributors to Girls Right the World. For this issue, we reviewed close to three hundred  submissions from twelve countries and twenty-six states. This issue is rich with beauty and diversity, and we hope you enjoy!

Emily Pulfer-Terino