From The Editors – Issue 2

Working on Girls Right the World has been an incredible experience. Giving a platform to other young women has made me feel more connected to a global community. It is a privilege to amplify the voices of others and to learn about the world through the eyes of other girls. It has been amazing to work with my peers on this project and to explore so much wonderful art.

Lilly Climo


Issue 2 addresses a wide range of topics for girls in nowadays society including sexual harassment, love, and equality. Reading through this poetry and prose empowered and made me proud of myself as a girl everyday. It is such a pleasure to me to be able to see all the stories of amazing girls around the globe and I hope you will also feel inspired by looking through their vision.

Stephanie Do


Girls Right the World has definitely been the most enriching part of my high school experience. Being able to work with the other editors, read pieces that display such a diverse array of experiences, and provide other young women with a platform to share their unique perspectives has been absolutely incredible. Coming to the end of this project is bittersweet, but I am so excited to share our hard work, and the work of the authors, with the rest of the world.  

Faia Kronick


Hello readers. As an editor of Girls Right the World this year, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the wonderful submissions that have been sent to us.  It has really given me some insight into the nuanced and multi-faceted experiences of women around the world. Thanks to this project, I now have a more global perspective on women’s issues.

Michela Laurin


I am deeply impressed with the writers and artists whose work is featured in Girls Right the World. Moreover, I celebrate the talented, insightful, and passionate team of student editors. Brava!

Emily Pulfer-Terino