It was very delightful to work on this project because I was able to do what I'm passionate about and explore new ideas. At first I did not expect to have a lot of submissions but instead we actually received so many so I felt really proud about myself and my team. It was such an honor to read different writing from female identified writers from all around the world. It was a chance for me to enhance my literary skills of reading, processing and sharing as well as to learn so much more from other cultures through literature.

Anna Ngo


I'm so proud to have finally published our first edition of Girls Right the World and excited to be able to give voice to such talented, young female writers. This project has been a huge part of my life for so many months, and to see it finally prosper is, for lack of a better word, magical. It is truly and honor to be a part of this project, and I can't wait to see where it goes. Live long and prosper.

Alicia Bravo


It has been a deep pleasure to work with founding editors, Anna Ngo and Alicia Bravo, in beginning this endeavor. We were overwhelmed by the volume and quality of submissions for the first issue of Girls Right the World. To engage strong and expressive work from girls worldwide is profound and inspiring. I hope that our readers enjoy this range of phenomenal new voices.

Emily Pulfer-Terino