Kari Shane

The House That Broke Me

You walked towards the house that you once knew so well and were surprised to see that not much had changed. Well, everything had changed, but the colors were the same, the lights on the driveway were the same, the mailbox was the same. You and her, however, were entirely different. In the last two months, you’ve become strangers. You text her to tell her you’re here and close your eyes and breathe. The door opens and she reaches out to hug you and the wind is knocked from your body. You didn’t know it was possibly for someone to get more breathtaking in a two-month time period, but she did it. You ask about school, work, her family and her face begins to light up talking about her sister and her kittens and all that’s going right in her life. You’ve never experienced such joy for another person’s happiness when it had nothing to do with you and affected you in no way at all, but your heart was warmed knowing she was happy. You asked about her girlfriend for the sake of being polite and the happiness from her face drains in the slightest manner. In that moment, you almost start to cry and apologize and take back everything you’ve done in these two months, but something stops you. Maybe it’s your pride or maybe it’s your stubbornness but you held back tears and listen to her strained attempts to sound happy. You mimic her false happiness back to her and get distracted by the deep brown pools of her eyes that drew you in long ago. You watched as she went to her room to gather the laundry basket of kittens that were born less than six weeks ago, the real reason for your meeting. She handed you a small grey kitten and tells you her name is Alaska. She told you that was the one she wanted you to have, because she was just like you. When you asked how the kitten could possibly be like you, she smiled and told you it was because she was small but she knew what she wanted, and wouldn’t give up until she got her way. You smile at the girl that gave you so much, the same girl that took so much. The girl that made you realize your sexuality, the capabilities of your heart, your ability to feel, your ability to hurt, and your heart’s ability to break. You walk out the door, leaving the girl, but taking the gifts she gave you. Feeling full.

About the author: Kari Shane is a sophomore student at Miami University of Ohio. This is her first time being published. She is very excited about the work that is being done by Girls Right the World.