Madison Ross

Can't Handle It

About the Artist: My name is Madison Ross I’m an 18 year old girl from Ohio. I submitted this piece specifically because I really resonate with it, especially as a young woman. I titled this drawing “Can’t handle it.” It’s a graphite drawing of a woman who is extremely frustrated and drained, she feels lost and empty. As a woman and even as a human being, we all go through times when we feel we can’t keep moving forward and it’s better to give up or end it all in the moment. However I’ve learned that it’s possible to keep going. When I think of giving up I think of my younger self looking back at me and begging me not to. Even when you’re at your lowest you have to be there for yourself and I’ve learned the hard way, but now I can teach others that it’s possible and they don’t have to give up. I hope this piece touches others the way creating it did for me and they learn that everything will be ok in the end. There’s a plan for everyone one of us.