Shraddha Matkar

About the Artist: Shraddha Matkar is a 21 year old student pursuing M.Sc. in Cognitive Science from Gujarat, India. She loves to make Art which represents the unconscious, in an abstract form (as is). She uses a variety of mediums indifferently to portray the intense repressed emotions that get evoked through the dark color composition, however, maintaining the harmony and emphasis of the Art. Thus, highlighting the nature of the unconscious which throughout our lives keeps the balance despite its repressive nature. Her inclination towards Art also makes her interested in Neuroaesthetics. The submitted Artwork expresses her moments of being emotionally bullied as a child. The pain of being laughed at, not being able to talk and mingle as other kids did, left her in a spiral of thoughts which she couldn’t escape for a long time. She engulfed the darkness while being laughed at by everyone in the class, it felt like a mess and the voice urged her to fly away afar. Good memories thereafter got repelled by the pain she carried, every time she moved to a new place. It is an assemblage Art made with materials like candle wax, wires, tissues, wrappers, peacock feathers, thermocol and red/black acrylic paint.  She hopes that her voice reaches millions inspiring people to make Art a part of their lives!