Ingrid Ortiz-Ramos

I'm sharing a photo I took at the Slave Museum here in Maryland. This photo is meant to highlight the Atlantic Slave trade and the lives of innocent Africans being sold into a discriminatory capitalist society. The photo is of the slaves being bound together and embarking onto the slave ship to the new world. As they get come closer to the ship the red hues by their surroundings intensify to demonstrate their fear of a new kind of hell.  
About the artist: Ingrid Ortiz-Ramos is an 18 year old high school senior from Silver Spring, MD.  She is a part of the expanding and diverse minority community in the D.C metropolitan area. As a student that promotes activism and leadership,  she has also been a part of the Minority Scholars Program and National History Academy. Additionally, she was previously recognized by the Italian Embassy for her work on Italian culture.