Maya Chadda

The following pieces were made with the purpose of looking at Feminism through two lenses. The first lens being the stigma behind feminine hygiene products. These two pieces "Queen Bee" and "Feminine Bridge" show how a women's biology shouldn't be a taboo topic, but rather a source of empowerment. The second lens being how women's roles in society have evolved through time. I used old "Time" magazines and Betty Crocker cookbooks to create pieces that juxtapose women's expectations between now and the 50's and 60's. These pieces also address what “Again” means in President Donald Trump’s slogan: "Make America Great Again". The collection hopes to look at the stigma behind female biology along with the changing perceptions of femininity.

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Betty Crooked


BOOM (part 1)


BOOM (Part 2)


Bridge Over Troubled Waters


Figure Clouds


Locker Room Talk


Piet Mondrian Betty Crocker


Queen Bee





About the artist: Maya Chadda is a fifteen-year-old attending The Blake School in Minneapolis Minnesota. She has written for her school's newspaper Spectrum with a heavy emphasis on the comedy section. She is an editor for her school literary art's magazine Flash along with participating in the club National Art Honor Society. Next year she has a collection entitled "Reverse Entropy" that will express past, present, and future identity. "Queen Bee" is the first cohesive collection hoping to speak on the nuances of Feminism.